Activision: MW2 DLC price "worked"

TVGB: "The pricing of Modern Warfare 2's five-map Stimulus Package "has worked," it was said on publisher Activision's earnings conference call moments ago. The answer came following a question about the $15 price tag and whether it's sustainable with future releases. So, despite differing internal opinions, it looks like the next content may well carry a similar price point."

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AEtherbane2965d ago

Because you got all the money, and the late Infinityward got nothing. 100% profit, not bad.

STEVIE_2965d ago

There aren't many games companies I hate more than them.

-MD-2965d ago

Yeah the price worked because people are idiots. Just like the PC people that bought the game for 60 dollars they basically secured all future PC games to be sold at that price.

Colonel-Killzone2965d ago

Only idiots bought this map pack. Wait no let me not judge the gamers. Activision just yet again took advantage of the gamers. I remember when this first came out on the PS3 and everyone was complaining on their status how much of a rip off it is. If i am playing 15 dollars for a map pack it better come with some trophies pure rubbish. This did not even have trophies nothing sigh sad how much gaming companies use dlc now as a rip off to smh.

M-Easy2965d ago

Get used to it. They only do what we allow them to do. And we are pretty screwed up right now.

-SIXAXIS-2965d ago

This map pack should have been released with the game. I'm sick and tired of lazy ass publishers and devs who try and sell their game for $15 more than the actual price through DLC. It's annoying.

Colonel-Killzone2965d ago

Indeed perfect post could not have said it better myself bubbles for you

gcolley2965d ago

and they know you have to buy it if you are a fan of the game otherwise you just miss out online when your mates move to the next map and you don't have it.