GI's ModNation Racers Review

Nintendo released Super Mario Kart in 1992, and it single-handedly defined what we expect from silly weapon-based kart racers. Since then similar games have come and gone; we’ve seen the genre transition to 3D and jump online, but kart racers have all been drafting behind a series that has barely changed in almost two decades. This is where United Front Games rolls onto the track. Like a rookie hotshot, it’s fast, flashy, and has an unorthodox style. We’ve seen elements of player-created content and online community building in games before, but not yet in a kart racing game like this. Finally, it feels like the genre is evolving.

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viking805fan2969d ago

One of the only complaints of heard about this game was just some loading issues besides that this game deserves at least 9's or higher...not complaining about the 8.5 though.

Faztkiller2969d ago

whats sad is its metascore is going down because of 3 Eurogamer scores

Sevir042969d ago

Sony SD and UFS did it well with this one. cant wait.

Faztkiller2969d ago

Agreed MNR and RDR this month is awesome