Activision: Bungie’s next “unlike anything” seen before

TVGB: "Activision considers Bungie’s new intellectual property to be something rather special. So special in fact that CEO Bobby Kotick has labeled the ‘well underway‘ property “unlike anything audiences have ever seen before”."

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FangBlade2851d ago

Love Bungie.
Hate Bobby Kotick.

-Alpha2851d ago

Pretty much agree with you here Fang.

Either Bungie is going to help build a better reputation for Activision or Activision will destroy Bungie's.

CurlUpAndDie2851d ago

bungie will hopefully hold there own. If not....eatin up!

BeaArthur2851d ago

I don't think Activision can destroy Bungie's because they have no say in anything. Bungie does all the work on their schedule and Activision gets to pay for it.

MerkinMax2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

You can watch the whole thing or skip to 4:58 to sum up their feelings and wants. It's actually a very good video.

This quote by Jason Jones was quite intriguing: "When they (Activision) asked what I wanted, I just want them to get out of our way and let us make a game. Trust that we're going to something great, give us the money to pay for it, and then get out of our way."

Another One2850d ago

stlPoison said it with that quote from Jason Jones (the co-founder of Bungie). Bungie let Activision know, and also put in the contract, that Activision leave them alone and let them do their thing. They want the funding and all that comes with it, but they're still independent.

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vhero2851d ago

*Yawn* Heard it before... Will we see it?? That remains to be seen..

blizzard_cool2851d ago

I agree. They always say this o get the hype starting. I'll wait until I'll see it.

catguykyou2851d ago

I'll wait till I can play it. They can make any crappy game look awesome with the right editing.

blizzard_cool2851d ago

If you disagree could you please explain why?

sgw_dec0y2851d ago

@blizzard_cool probably just a halo hater. Ive seen people that just go into Xbox 360 or PS3 threads to disagree with everyone no matter what the article is about.

Fanboyism for the loss

badz1492851d ago

yeah...just like all your CoDs and GHs...oh wait...

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cereal_killa2851d ago

The problem is if what ever Bungie creates turns out to be successful you know dam well Activision will surely milk it like they did to COD and GH. The thing I hate about this deal is that Bungie is more known for Halo (FPS) and most likely I see them (Activision) allowing Bungie to make there 1st game for whatever it is but I can also see them turning Bungie into the next COD developer to take over from IW.

Diamondwolf2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

The thing about having a contract signed and dated is that there aren't any renegotiations until the contract is up. With that said, as long as there aren't any stipulations or variable clauses in the contract, Activision will be unable to change the already predetermined schedule that Bungie has set up for their next 10 year IP. In other words, they can't milk the new franchise.

This is wonderful on Bungie's end and it seems that they have done their research and are aware of how to handle it. I believe in the end, this is wonderful for gamers on all platforms..........including the iPad lol

Another One2850d ago

Activision can't turn Bungie into anything. Bungie has control of what games they make. Activision didn't buy Bungie. They simple fund Bungie, publish their games, and obviously profit off of them. That's it.

tplarkin72851d ago

The only thing we know about Bobby Kotick is that he is a business man that likes profit. So, if you're going to "hate" someone, maybe you should get to know him first.

D4RkNIKON2851d ago

Maybe you should get to know Bobby Kotick before defending him.He has said and done some terrible things

Solidus187-SCMilk2851d ago

you seem to be in touch with your feminine side(or something).

I usually have a positive attitude toward everyone, but you dont have to get to know the guy to tell hes an arrogant deuch, who will screw over hard working people so he can get more money.

MegaPowa2850d ago

You probably don't even hate him you just say do. And if you really hate him you have some serious issues because hes done nothing to personally hurt you and you don't know the guy.

sikbeta2851d ago


Activision is the Worst, they buy an Idea/IP from an Small studio and the Studio/Dev as well, IF the Game is Successful, they push [start] on the Milking-Machine and when the Games don't do Well [Milking-saturation], Activision Kick-out/Fire/Close the Studios

Red-Octane suffered from this and:


Sure Bungie make an Agreement to prevent this Whole crap, but something tells me that, IF the new IP from Bungie is Really Successful, Activision will want to milk it as much as they can and that's not good at all...

AcesHigh2912851d ago

From what we all know of the contract between the two, there is no possible way for Activision to do that.

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darkmurder2851d ago

Bobby Kotick can go to hell

Christopher2851d ago

Aren't we jumping on the hype train a little early? I mean, the train hasn't even pulled into the station yet.

Solidus187-SCMilk2851d ago

I cant wait to see what it is but I dont think it will be as successful as activision wants(if its not a FPS, even though it will probably still be great).

Good luck bungie, dont let kotic give you any sas.

El Botto2850d ago

And it will be infinitely the better version on the Playstation 3.

PS3, it only does everything. Including 360s former flagship title.

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Shadow Flare2851d ago

"What it actually is won’t likely be known for sure before 2011, but there are already hints; job listings have suggested that the studio is looking to include “branching or non-linear narrative” and other, somewhat RPGish things."

I'm starting to see why Sony said it was Halo on steroids. Colour me excited

jay22851d ago

Good, I don't want same old. same old.

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LinuxGuru2851d ago

Well, that rules out any continuation of the Marathon universe then.

Hmm...I wonder if it's still something sci-fi?