100° Preview: Portal 2 It's confirmed, we can bounce back in the corridors of Aperture Science Labs next winter. As Valve does not do things by halves, the end of the first Portal has recently received an update to ensure continuity in the narrative.

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Raf1k12850d ago

Can't wait for Portal 2.
I still need to see the new ending to Portal as well.

Topshelfcheese2850d ago

Please tell me I'm not the only one that noticed the author calling the main character a she to begin with and than transforming her into a he for the rest of the article.

-Mezzo-2850d ago

I think Google Translate is the one to blame. :D

Chubear2850d ago

I saw the heading and I immediately & uncontrollable let out a nervous sequel. Gosh, this game's going to be glorious; I can feel it.

BannedForNineYears2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Chell finds himself in a place that seems abandoned (concept art).


It features a lightweight exoskeleton which requires him to move his toes at all times, which has the advantage to get him a hopping gait quite sexy in the weird and kind to him fart

Bad translation? Lol?

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