Battalion Wars 2 Wii Screenshots

Nintendo released the details for this game earlier this year at the GDC 2007 event. So there's no need to print out a fact sheet all over again. However, if you were hoping to catch a glimpse of this game you're in luck. Nintendo has recently released new screenshots of this multiplayer battle game.

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Dudeson423875d ago

Online Multiplayer, online multiplayer, online multiplayer...

jigaman3875d ago

This game will be online! They confirmed it months ago. They've inlcuded all the elements that make this game complete badassness i.e. online multiplayer, co-op, new troops, vehicles, more missions, smoother controls...need I go on? I will be getting this game for sure. I loved the first one.

ITR3874d ago

God I want this game!

Where is the trailer Nintendo!
I want something up to date!

jacen10003874d ago

this looks superb seen the earlier high res vids of this game and its smooth this is what wii needs online. cant wait