Videogamer: Rage Preview

Videogamer writes: "But will the gameplay match the graphics? I haven't seen one mechanic that, on its own, pushes the FPS genre forward. id is banking on that not mattering; RAGE's appeal is less about its individual ideas and more about a collective consciousness. Everything looks perfectly well executed, from the visceral satisfaction of shooting bandits to tearing across the Wasteland in the buggy, from the environmental kills that come with elemental ammo types to the unique bandit AI. These are ideas we've seen before, but rarely have we seen them executed so beautifully".

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Hallmark Moment2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Seems odd they would let the media preview the 360 version and in the same breath claim the PS3 version is currently more stable. Hmmmm ;)

"And what do we see? Well, perhaps the best-looking video game of all time"