Joystiq Review: Lost Planet 2

In Lost Planet 2, if you want to swap your grenades for the T-ENG Gun (a device that lets you transfer precious Thermal Energy to your injured teammates), you press Y and Left Trigger simultaneously. Be careful, though -- if you press Left Trigger a fraction of a second before you press Y, you'll chuck a grenade at your teammates, which they likely won't appreciate in their state of physical distress.

While far from the most important aspect of the game, this cumbersome button mapping is indicative of the whole Lost Planet 2 experience: It's a completely functional, interesting gameplay mechanic, but it's utterly hamstrung by a nonsensical design choice. Unfortunately, the game suffers from so many of these flabbergasting and terrible design choices, that even its strongest features can't stand up to much scrutiny.

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GUCommander2997d ago

"They made a game about killing yacht-sized monsters while riding around in robot suits armed with lasers and rocket launchers -- and then they somehow made it boring."

That certainly takes it down a few (many) notches on my Gamefly queue! :P

jay22997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Oh god, now I'm even more scared for Dead Rising 2, especial with the guys making it only making basket ball games, and I've been scared of that from day one that we found it out.
I'm going to remove this from my GAME pre-orders NOW.

Edit: Done.