Gran Turismo 5 - new images and video

New images and video of Gran Turismo 5

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xTruthx2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

This game is looking stunning

"you feel every curb, every bump"

Definitive? IMO Yes

Ghost_Sparta2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Uau! Gran just an unique experience playing GT! I played them all 1,2,3, A-SPec, GT4 Prologue, 4, GT5 Prologue...I Love Them All...It's just diferent of all racing games that exist! I just can't wait to have another unique gaming experience whith this GT5!
Edit: I have GT for the PSP too...besides all controversy of lack of carrer mode, for me is for sure the best race game for PSP (just my oppinion)!

claterz2879d ago

Can't actualy believe how awesome this game looks, 5 years well spent imo lol. Definite first day buy.

viking805fan2879d ago

ZOMG!!! Can't wait till it actually releases!

Jakens2878d ago

Thank you Sony and Friends that love racing games.