Three Reasons Why There Shouldn’t Be a Final Fantasy VII Remake

As many of us know the Final Fantasy series is a long running one with Final Fantasy VII considered as one of the best, if not THE best, rpgs to ever grace a console. Most fans of the classic are calling for a PS3 remake of the game.

Those calls have gotten even louder since FFVII recently became avaialble for purchase via PSN. Square Enix has responded with several different reason why they consider a remake of the game to be impossible. I ,for one, hope Square Enix sticks with their guns and ignore fanboys’ pleads for a remake of FFVII. Why? I’ll give you three reasons.

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movements2942d ago

wants to make money, they'll do a final fantasy VII remake. It'll outsell all the previous FF titles.... Easily.

Shadow Flare2942d ago

agreed, they'll make TONS of money. But i'll tell you what; they'll ruin the game. But thats what the company has become these days. "Screw quality, make money"

iamtehpwn2941d ago

If making money was TRULY the most important thing, there would've already been an FFVII remake by now. The thing will sell millions out of the gate.

rockleex2941d ago

1. Wada
2. Square Enix
3. No longer Squaresoft

If Square Enix ever decides that they want to make creative and imaginative top quality titles with tons of content, and not go at it the easy lazy way, then I fully support them in making an FF7 remake.

Hopefully they're heading towards that path with Versus 13.

PS: What about Final Fantasy Tactics 2? >:D

sinncross2942d ago

There is actually only 1 definite reason why FF7 should not be remade: the compilation story ain't over yet.

Anyone who has completed Dirge of Cerberus (the latest timeline wise in the FF7 world) would know that it ends off begging for another title to be made.

And this is exactly what SE should do: make a DMC-esque title and complete the FF7 story.

Then remake FF7 :)

D4RkNIKON2941d ago

Dirge of Cerberus is the only part of the series I have not played through. I didn't know about it until my PS2 days were behind me and my PS3 doesn't support BC so I am screwed in that department.

SuperStrokey11232941d ago

No, please nothing like DMC... its a great series but does not suit the ff storyline at all

MajestieBeast2941d ago

Only need 1 reason square enix would fuck it up just like they did with ff13.

2941d ago
sikbeta2941d ago

As Far as I know, Sony have the Publishing Rights for FF7, I don't think he is talking about the Game being Multiplat and more about what the Devs were saying, remeber: "it'll be too hard to do it" or something like that...

Obama2941d ago

If they are going to re make ff7 they better do it fast coz 10 years later noone is going to know what that game is except for those who have lived through the ps1 generation.

D4RkNIKON2941d ago

I know that I would hand over $60 without hesitation for a FF7 remake!

JoySticksFTW2941d ago


I wouldn't care if Square offered the option for consumers to pay half of the game price in advance to help fund the project, then pay the rest upon the game's release in 2-3 years -- giving exclusive content, perks, weapons, DLC discount, whatever to those who donated early.

And those who didn't could still buy the full game and extras at a premium.

Will it ever happen? Nope...

But I'd f'n do it

My only fear is my trust in S-E is crumbling, man. They'll probably find someway to mess it up and make Cait Sith the main character because he tested well with the kids.

Solidus187-SCMilk2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

As FF7 is THe only Turnbased JRPG that Ive ever liked. Its in my top 3 favorite games ever too.

When I did buy it though Id have the expectations that it wont be as good as the original. I still got my FF 7 disks but for some reason I dont like putting it into the ps3. Ill Dl it next time I want to play it. It will probably be better then the remake anyways.

Also the music, the pre-rendered backgrounds, and funny little animations they do(also No horrid voices like FF10 really help to) really are part of the game too me and im sure those things would all change somehow.

If they made it with the same pre-rendered backgrounds but spruced up in HD, DIDnt F-up the music, and had an option for text instead of voices Id be very happy.

2941d ago
vhero2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Remake would be a great idea always said it as long as they don't change ANYTHING just up the graphics. I wouldn't mind them maybe adding some more materia like the ones in the Jap version that was removed from US/PAL version other than that I have no issues with a remake only people who do are people who truly think it will ruin it (only a true few people) and 360 fanboys who loved FFVII and hate PS3 who think it would be a PS3 exclusive.

A remake could relaunch the FF brand as in reality its dying right now as its no way near as big as it once was..

coolfool2941d ago

In terms of game quality I would agree with you but in terms of sells and money and exposure, Final Fantasy is as big as it's ever been. I think rich deep final fantasies are finished but this is just for the main line, for other games like Versus, the jury is still out.

Reibooi2941d ago

These issues are BS. SE already said(I think it was Kitase-san) That they would only do the remake if they could assemble a team big enough to do the game quickly(around 1 year although I bet it would take about 2).

If there was change it would be for the better. Perhaps making random battles go away and making it function more like XIII where you could seem enemies on the field. However the combat will remain the same. The one thing people need to keep in mind was there was ALOT of content cut from FFVII before it's release. They simply didn't have time. Alot of this stuff would more then likely make it's way into the game which is a very good thing.

As for the masterpiece thing. Yes the game is a masterpiece(however controversial the statement is it's true as it inspired games for years and still to this day inspires games). However it hasn't aged well graphical and for the kids these days the game play wouldn't hold their attention. Remaking it could make it into a game that would withstand the test of time for the foreseeable future and as long as they do it right will be the same exact masterpiece we all remember.

EvilBlackCat2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

A FF7 Remake is a bad move this gen. If i was them i will start planning it for next gen in all platforms.

All platforms = MORE MONEY

My opinion is that is too late to start planning a remake of FF7 for this gen because in 2 to 3 years a new console can emerge.

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Ludakriss2942d ago

Hey man you bring some good points in this review. Personally I also feel the lack of the "IT" element in FF now. But as always. We'll have to wait'n'see.

Myst2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

I agree with the first reason actually, it's kind of why some of the older games still hold a place compared to the newer ones. Though at times I wonder what Final Fantasy VII would look like if it were remade.

The main thing I'd hope for if Square-enix did decide to do a remake is that they change nothing, but the graphics. I'm unsure of Voice-overs at the moment, but I'm sure they could call the cast of Advent Children in?

Besides if they were to do a remake on this one, I still say they should remake every last one of them to. This is including one and working it's way up to nine as I'm not really sure if ten or eleven really needs it...

FiftyFourPointTwo2941d ago

Because FF6 is the better game and the one that deserves the HD jump.

JoySticksFTW2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

That game is too dear to my heart

Now if S-E up dated just the visuals, with no story changes, I'd have no problems. I remember when Square used an updated 3D FFVI demo to showcase the Nintendo 64, before jumping to Playstation. I was giddy :D

Maybe - MAYBE - add more of Shadow's back story (they give a glimpse of it during a dream sequence), update dungeons / puzzles giving more opportunity to split your all of your characters into two or three teams, keep the same music just update to beautiful symphonic DVD quality -- I'd accept those additions as well.

And keep Kefka's creepy laugh, and don't make his voice acting suck

If S-E can do all of this right, I'd love to see FFVI jump to HD as well.

BTW, you get Bubbles for the good taste in FF's

Games4M - Rob2941d ago

FF7 solo dosnt need a remake but i wouldnt mind seeing the entire FF7 compilation remastered in HD and put on one blu-ray disk.

Crisis core > FF7 > Dirge Cerebrus

Fill in the gaps with some new game segments based off Before Crisis and give the game a new extended ending by making a playable game of Advent Children.

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