Alan Wake Street Date Broken in North America

WorthPlaying writes, "Midwestern Wal-mart competitor Meijer has broken the Alan Wake street date and started selling copies of the game early, according to reports from Xbox Live user Buzzsawgr81.

If you live in Kalamazoo, Michigan and can’t wait to start playing (there are still two more weeks until the official release date) now’s your chance. Hit up your local Meijer and have some fun."

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movements2971d ago

But it'll surely sell millions...

Raptura2971d ago

Many sub-par games have sold millions.... cough MW2 cough

Parapraxis2971d ago

The game is already on torrent sites which is really unfortunate, it looks pretty darn good.

jay22971d ago

Oh man, I swear people can't read numbers, here it's got bit displays with 14TH May 2010.

Convas2971d ago

I'm just biding my time with GTA4, I've almost got all the money I need for AW. Can't Wait!

GiantEnemyCrab2971d ago

Time to hit them up! I've got a couple friends who own it already(legit not like a loser torrent downloader) and they can't put it down.

-MD-2971d ago

Really? Dang... I want it.

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