Video: Alan Wake collector's edition unboxing

In Spain Game is sending the game 8 days before the official release date.

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Raptura2997d ago


dangert122995d ago

This is going to be my fist limited edition and ain't it a gooden =)

GaearGrimsrud2997d ago

Have fun with your soundtrack, hope it works!

STICKzophrenic2995d ago

1. Ugly bedspread
2. Ugly pillow that doesn't match
3. Was that whistling sound him breathing???
4. He almost broke that damn disc and now it's probably scratched and has fingerprints all over it. What a tardo. You could look at my oldest game, and you'd be hard pressed to find a fingerprint on the data side of it. He had his for four and a half minutes and it's already covered with prints lmao.
5. I have the LE pre-ordered and will pick it up the same day as Red Dead Redmeption.

dangert122995d ago

who cares about his bed n ur nt perfect why u diggin him on his breathin?
nice choice of games hough lol

Rampaged Death2995d ago

I thought he was going to break the disc. He's so lucky to get it a week early ;(