Deadly Premonition sales cross the 50,000 mark

Deadly Premonition, that game Destructoid is always talking about, has reached a landmark sales figure, having crossed the 50,000 mark in the United States. While clearly this number pales in comparison to the AAA games of the world, it's still a huge success for an obscure budget game that everybody expected to disappear without a trace.

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LebaNoob2999d ago

That's pretty impressive :|
Honestly, this would be the first game I'd buy if I ever bought an Xbox :P

GameOn2999d ago

It's also on PS3. You just need to import.

LebaNoob2999d ago

The Japanese version of the game costs almost $80, as opposed to the 360 version's $20-$30 current price tag. Importing it is just not worth the investment :\

SpoonyRedMage2999d ago

That's actually pretty pathetic, it's probably Marvelous' highest budget game this generation and despite being sold at budget price in an attempt to elevate sales and with the crazy word of mouth it's got it only sold 50K!?

Compare that to any of Marvelous' other releases this gen and it's probably the biggest failure.

kissmeimgreek2999d ago

What advertisements have you seen for this game? and considering the mixed reviews and it being a niche title, 50k is insane.

How can you call it a failure when compared to most of the wiis 3rd party games, its doing amazing?

SpoonyRedMage2999d ago

Because it's not doing better than 'wii 3rd party games', pretty much none of them actually. Going back to December Crystal Bearers and Silent Hill both sold around 50K(CB in only a week) then in January No More Heroes sold around 30K in a week(and is definitely above 90K), Tatsunoko Vs Capcom did 50K in a week. Red Steel 2 did 50K in 12 Days.

Heck even Marvelous worst selling Wii game, Little King's Story has sold over 50K in the US and it's budget will have been much lower.

There's no way these sales can be spun as a positive, it cost more, sold less and sold FOR less. And advertising is a pretty week excuse when only a select few Wii games you compare it to get advertising.

kissmeimgreek2999d ago

how does this game cost more than anything else on the 360? It looks like a ps2 game and was designed for a niche market for quirky games. Saying you expected a game like this to sell millions is just stupid. I mean where have you even heard of this game outside of places like video game magazines? From what I hear you have to ask people at store just to bring it out since its not on display. You cant expect a game like this to do millions no matter what platform its on.

BabyColada2999d ago

I'm glad this game is doing well (related to other budget niche games with no marketing) because it's a lot of fun and definitely worth $20.

002999d ago

I want to play this game, it looks so bad that it might be good in a bad kind of way.