NXT Gamer: 4 Great Movies That Need a Great Game

Ever seen a movie, and thought ‘damn, wish I could play that!’? Us too. In fact, most people have thought that, gone down to their local retailer, purchased what seems like the perfect accompaniment to the fantastic film they’ve just seen, played it, and sank into a great depression upon the realisation its not quite the film- or, in fact, even much a game at all. And that you’re now £49 [or $74] out of pocket for a piece of plastic you’ll probably never use again. Well, what follows is a little list of some of the movies and franchises we think deserve a great game- we’re talking Escape from Butcher Bay here, not Avatar: The Game. And yes, some if not most of them already have games to their name; but lets be honest, most of them really not all that worthy.

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LinuxGuru2971d ago

Movies translated into great games?......I don't know about that one. History doesn't lean in favor of such.

mittwaffen2971d ago

They need to make one like uncharted platform style; but with the focus being Jurassic park.

If it wasnt a POS and a quality game i'd be interesting to see.

Theonetheonly2971d ago

Jurrassic Park With some Finess Could make A Kick @$$ Game