1997 was the Year of the PSX, PC and N64

1997 was an epic year for gamers. The N64 had releases like Goldeneye, the PSX had FFVII and Gran Turismo, and the PC had Diablo and Jedi Knight with all of this gamers had their hands full. Many of these games changed console and PC gaming forever. Goozernation wants which console had the most successful year?

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Relientk772721d ago

1997 what a year for gaming

so many good games

kube002721d ago

Games that made the industry

MetalFreakMike2712d ago

I miss 1997......

Everything was so fresh and great games was had by all. It was a great time in gaming and also a great time to own all the consoles. There were must play games on all the consoles and the PC. It was truly one of the golden ages in gaming history.

I wish we could have another year like 1997, where fanboys don't roam around the internet and ruin everyone's fun by arguing about what console is better. Just for everyone to agree on what games are fun and how they should make the sequel even better. Good times............