SCEA: 3D Exclusive Content In Three Or Four Years

Sony Computer Entertainment America believe 3D exclusive gaming content could be around within the next three or four years.

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SpaceSquirrel2938d ago

I think it will depend on the 3dTV adoption rate.

mjolliffe2938d ago

If 3DTV's sell extremely well, sure. Even then though, I wouldn't put a huge blockbuster out exclusive to 3D tech unless every single household in North America and Europe had one, which is even unlikely in the next four years.

kidnplay2938d ago

Not a huge fan of 3D in general personally, though when 3D gets into gaming is when it really comes into its own. 3D gaming can't come round quick enough for me.

dardinkay2938d ago

Sony will own it for a few years, then other companies will jump the 3D boat. It is how it usually works.

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