Spawn Kill - Agree To Disagree 08: Silent Protagonists

Time to weigh in once again with your opinions. This week's Spawn Kill "Agree to Disagree" topic is the Silent Protagonist.

"Though we’ve certainly come quite a long way from the days of the arcade where a speaking character was a luxury, games today retain elements that can be traced back to the golden days of gaming. Yes, you still find characters who never (or rarely) speak. Yes, these characters do not speak so that you may live vicariously through them. You speak for them. And in some cases, you’ll choose what “they’re” saying, but is it really them speaking? And how much control do you really have over a set narrative when you have limited control over what they’re “really” saying? Are they simply a vehicle for designers to skip over an entire step?"

How do you feel about this issue? Leave your comments and keep the discussion going!

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tigresa2999d ago

Dragon Age needed a voice. It definitely hurt it. I mean, if you come out of playing Mass Effect where it's a similar game concept by the same developers, it definitely just simply felt lazy to not have voiceovers for your character when there were literally thousands upon thousands of voiced lines by NPCs and team mates throughout the game, why not you?

As for games like Zelda, I don't really care if Link speaks or not. Because simply put, the story isn't "deep" -- it's a "for fun" type of game, to me, so I never REALLY connect to the main characters in that way.

The silent protag that always first comes to my mind is Serge from Chrono Cross, I bet he would have had an incredible voice too. Waste. :/

K-Tuck2999d ago

History has proven that it's the quiet ones in class that are more likely to one day pull out a semi-automatic weapon in a flash of murderous rage.

So, in a way, it makes perfect sense for video game protagonists to be silent types.