Spawn Kill: Versus Mode, Battle 1: Game Length

Gamers are naturally a competitive group, and the staff at Spawn Kill are no different. Staff often find themselves arguing over key issues in gaming, and decided to turn it into a public spectacle for all to enjoy. Each week, two Spawn Kill members will tackle a different hot topic that gets the gaming community riled up, with one staff member taking the side for or against it, telling us all why said topic is RIGHT or ‘RONG.

Just to keep things fresh, staff may occasionally take on a side for which they don’t normally agree, just to see things from a different point of view. So read each staff member’s two-cents and then feel free to add your own view in the comments section. Keep the battle – er, discussion – going!

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K-Tuck2912d ago

The only long games that are bad are bad games already.

rrquinta2911d ago

I don't think that's true; I think what can happen is you have what would be a good game if it ended "on time" is made bad by the fact that it drags on too long. Definitely felt this way with Bowser's Inside Story. It wasn't a bad game, but it should have been much shorter.