PlayStation EU Drops the Ball on Modern Warfare 2 DLC

BeefJack Writes - "Just in case the cosmic force of Irony had been growing hungry, here’s something to feed it: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package DLC seems to be doing more to stimulate PSN’s coffers than fan excitement."

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WildArmed3144d ago

lol. After a bad launch on 360, I'd figure IW would have enough sense to test it out before their 2nd launch.
But i guess they dont care, people will buy it anyways.

Too bad most the people won't learn anything from this experience and go out and buy MW3.

ReservoirDog3163143d ago

Haha, well of course IW doesn't care. Most of them quit.

KongRudi3143d ago

I don't think IW can 'test' out PSN's billing system..
Sony might be crazy, but hopefully they're not crazy enough to let Activision near our PSN-wallets.. :P

On a seperate note, EU PS-blog, said that all who have experienced errors with the wallet-system and been billed too much, will be refunded.

Jedward-3144d ago

I wont be buying your DLC and especially having me to wait over a month longer to have it , i have traded in your glitchy game and am enjoying BC 2 where the DLC can be equally enjoyed by all at the same time.

BX813143d ago

Is BFBC2 laggy on the PS3? I have the 360 version and lately its been laggy. Kinda weird since it wasn't laggy to begin with.

Meryl3143d ago

@bx81 no BFBC2 is not laggy on ps3:):) hope that answers your question

sak5003144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )


Good work. Unfortunatly i still have my copy of MW2 but have shifted to BF:BC2 and havne't played MW2 in months. Great game, wish they have cross platform online Multiplayer games. Would be fun to fight the ps3 games online ;)

I had some 400+ MS points and instead of buying any ckrp of infinity i bought the SPECTAT Kits for Medic and Assualt for BC2. They already gave us 3 VIP maps free.

whylocojay3144d ago

Stinks. I had no problems.

Mr Exclusive3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

on a side note.

This DLC may be a rip, but its a bigger ripoff for us Australians. It's 21.95AUD on the Aussie PSN.


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dan_chan893144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

glad i didn't buy it, probably gonna be trading this game in. i lol'd when i saw the price on the Aussie PSN store $21.95 AUD

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