Sony and Kevin Butler wants to send you to E3 2010

Destructoid: E3. I'll be there. FOR WORK. Not bitching, though. I love E3, and I'm glad that the Robot in the Sky sends me to cover it, but I'd love to just attend the show as a videogamer just once, and not one that has to scramble to make meetings and showings.

You could be that guy by winning Sony's contest. You would be PlayStation's "guest," whatever that means. I'm sure that's a good thing.

Who's going to decide who goes? It's Kevin Butler, the fake PlayStation VP of Everything and Anything that you've seen in recent PS3 commercials. You have to create an "open letter" video to Kevin Butler and include these key points:

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sinncross2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

I'm not from the US

I really would like to enter, sounds like fun! Hopefully this hints towards a possible Kevin Butler appearance at E3.

Actually.. I think the winner (s) may have their videos properly made and shown at E3. That would be sweet!

kjordanreyna2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Me! me! me! kevin butler at e3 with his signature wit and sarcasm is the proverbial gravy poured ontop of my plane tickets!

LinuxGuru2721d ago

Kevin Butler is the butter to Sony's bread

Sevir042721d ago

I'm already attending so i dont need to worry. :-)

PshycoNinja2716d ago

Wanta take me while you're at it ;).

M-Easy2721d ago

too bad I'm not vain enough to to make a video open letter.

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