Mario Galaxy 2 preorders hit 320,000

Brett Walton - "Super Mario Galaxy 2, Halo: Reach and Red Dead Redemption put up strong numbers again this week and are comfortably pulling ahead at the top of the charts. Alan Wake and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker both saw around 10,000 additional pre-orders this week. With three weeks to go until launch, Alan Wake should see final pre-orders of around 100,000 units suggesting a week one of around 150,000 units. Peace Walker still has 6 weeks to go and final pre-orders should be over 125,000 - far lower than Metal Gear Solid 4 but strong for a PSP game at this stage of its life."

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eagle212847d ago

It will probably do 600-700k in America week one.

bmw692847d ago

Maybe even more than that - New Super Mario Bros Wii did about 900,000...

asdr3wsfas2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

If it did that would be amazing. 2d Mario has always dominated the sales of 3d Mario.

I love them both but I get scared they might axe 2d Mario if Galaxy sales come close to matching it. It took them 20 years to consider a 2d sequel even though the 3d Mario never approached those sales.

Also, Giant World should be in both games and NSMB should have had more Yoshi. I just wish they gave 2d Mario the same budget as this game. That orchestra and Galaxy 2 graphics aren't cheap.

This game will possibly be the best single player game I've played in years, but for local multiplayer no other game rivals the 2d chaotic fun I had playing 4 player Mario. If 2d Mario also had these resources it might have had more Yoshi and levels with better sounds and graphics. At least now the Nintendo sales people are hounding Miyamoto to make another. Hopefully he can afford some dress physics so Peach is also playable!

Braineater24482847d ago

Definitely getting this in the first couple weeks of release.

franco2847d ago

Luigi is in this game! So Pre Orders will go Up

TheGameLlama2847d ago

Oh yeah... Mario's coming out. They should advertise this somewhere. :P

NYC_Gamer2847d ago

mario is still on top after so many yrs :)

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