E3: Third Parties Buzzing About New Wii Board

During a Nintendo developer Q&A today at the E3 Media and Business Summit in Santa Monica, Mario creator Miyamoto said that a large amount of third party game companies have made "a number of inquiries" into using the Wii Balance Board in future titles. The game designer didn't name specific game makers

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PS360WII3906d ago

Sweet I knew it. Sure the Wiifit game doesn't sound so hot but that pad sounds really cool and a new way to play games is always fun when thought out. Hurray for bringing back gaming to umm gaming

MyNutsYourChin3906d ago

The variety of ways a third party (or any party) could implement the Wii Balance Board is myriad.

Just think about playing new crazy snowboard or skiing game. I was about to say SSX but EA is starting to really upset me. Stand on the balance board, grab two Wiimotes for ski poles, and get immersed into the game (and tired and sweaty) in a new way. I just think this board has serious potential.

Or even using it for an FPS to lean around coners, in a fighting game to perform kicks, in soccer to pass/shoot (different foot placements and force of the pressure change direction and power of kick), in a hockey game to perform checks or abrupt movements, etc.

There's a lot of things a developer could do with this board. It's good to know that 3rd parties are interested else Nintendo just started a money pit.

TheWiseguy3906d ago

3rd parties also buzzed about the wiimote and nunchuck for the last 7 months....and we STILL didnt see anything from them at the E3 conference.

binard3283906d ago

Doh!!! You beat me to it!

BoneMagnus3906d ago

Its another to make it more than a gimmick - the board has potential, but we'll see how it is actually implemented into gameplay.

I remain somewhat skeptical...

djt233905d ago

Just think about playing 1080 or wave race use the wii mote and Wii Balance Board together.
do anybody remember a arcade game that use skateboard just thing about it

the board has potential

ChickeyCantor3905d ago

like i said in the other topic, Nintendo is bringing the Arcade Home.
and thats pretty cool =D