Sneak Preview of E3 2010 with Geoff Keighley

Geoff Keighley writes: "Are you ready to get a glimpse at the future of gaming? In just over a month's time the 2010 E3 Expo will take place in Los Angeles. It's the gaming industry's Super Bowl. The top publishers and developers show off upcoming titles and make splashy announcements about the next wave of hardware. This month, I thought I'd take you behind the scenes for the early word on what you can expect from the Big Three console companies at E3 - Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Each manufacturer spends months preparing a press conference aimed at proving why their platform is the one with the most momentum. Who will "win the press conference war" at E3 2010? Read on and make your own early prediction!"

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TOO PAWNED2964d ago

MEh nothing new here folks. STATING THE OBVIOUS as they say.

DTClown2964d ago

Think about it... Microsoft (for the record I hate secret) has maybe played us all like a fiddle. Just like a magician's slight of hand trick, they made us all look in one direction while something else was happening in the other hand.

Natal is a diversion. At E3 2010 Microshaft is going to announce xbox 720, or whatever they call it, and will hit shelves in time for Christmas 2010 with the new HALO 4. BS you all say...I know, I know. BUT, there is evidence everywhere if you look away from Microsoft's diversion. GearBox has been working on the new HALO 4 game for nearly 3 years now. (this is a fact I have been saying for the last 2 years from a family employee at GB) The first xbox had a under 5 year lifespan. 360 is shaping up to do the same due to lacking hardware performance, software limitations, and media device decisions. (DVD)

If this were to happen, they would take everybody by surprise and once AGAIN, jump start the new generation of consoles..this time without Sony on their heels. In order to do this, Microsoft would have needed a great diversion. Natal. While everybody is looking at motion control to catch up to Wii, MS says screw Wii and their gimmick, we are going after SONY with our second preemptive strike. This scenario makes more sense to me than putting all their ducks in one Natal basket.

What do you think.

UnwanteDreamz2963d ago

I don't know sounds crazy to me. From what I can tell though some 360 fans are ready for the 720. I have to admit a new console from MS would steal the show.

richie007bond2963d ago

Xbox 720 would be Awesome, i for one cant wait for the Next Gen consoles.