Bethesda will “probably” remain silent at E3

TVGB: "Hoping to see Bethesda announce Elder Scrolls V at E3 next month? Best not. Same goes for that potential Elder Scrolls MMO — the publisher is “probably not” going to make any announcement at the mammoth event."

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Numark2875d ago

Cannot wait for that next Elder Scrolls game...

nefertis2874d ago

I agree with u, I'm wonder if thats why they bethesda let obsidian work on fallout vegas so they can work on elder scrolls.

GiantEnemyCrab2874d ago

Will probably be focusing mainly on their publishing duties and supporting games like Brink. Looking forward to their next ES game.

misfitz_kid2874d ago

Nooo!! Fallout 3 was amazing although very buggy, but I was really hoping for a new Elder scrolls this year

kaos_fish II2874d ago

I wonder if the next 'Oblivion' game will use the same engine as 'Rage'?

Gestalt2871d ago

If they did that, I think my head would explode from witnessing sheer awesomeness.

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