The Top 50 Video Game Franchises Of All Time, Voted By Gamers

The 2010 Guinness Book of World Records Gamer's Edition features a list of the Top 50 video game series as voted by the gaming public. Which series came out on top between The Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty, and Halo?

Instead of opting to go with game review scores or a board of experts, this year Guinness put the top 50 video games series category in control of the players. A noble sentiment, but one that leads to results that scream popularity contest. For instance, Halo received more than 13,000 votes, putting it in the number one spot, while Call of Duty took second and The Legend of Zelda, the longest-running franchise of the three - took third.

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qface642971d ago

this list is actually rather sad a popularity contest is all it is and a bad one at that
makes me wonder if the people who voted on this list started playing games this generation

ALLOT of games are missing

StanLee2970d ago

Yep. Exactly what it is; a popularity contest.

Redrum0592970d ago

What the hell is this, Zelda and Mario should be top of that list, and as much as I love littlebigplanet it shouldn't be there. Halo and gears??? Realy??? They aren't even in history since they are practically from new consoles. Stupid list made by stupid ppl. Halo #1?, halo has down nothing for gaming except advertise online gaming for consoles.

DigitalHorror812970d ago

Halo #1? WOW. I was born in the wake of the NES and though I'm a Playstation gamer for life, Legend of Zelda gets MY #1 spot.

Halo. Pah-leese.

smash-brother-102970d ago

I agree that with you that Zelda should be #1, and that halo and cod do not deserve to be anywhere near the top spot (this coming from someone who does play both halo and cod games)

asdr3wsfas2970d ago

It's not only an insult to old school console gaming, it forgets doom, half-life, and quake and to a lesser extent unreal as the pioneers of FPS. Even Goldeneye belongs above Halo for proving FPS could work on consoles.

Gun_Senshi2970d ago

Someone posted the original source of this story, guiness site, and it was not approved.

Now lametaku copies from original source and it gets approved.


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The story is too old to be commented.