Humble Indie Bundle: Pay what you want for 5 Stellar Indie Games

Taking a page from successful marketing campaigns by artists like Radio Head and Trent Reznor, independent developers Wolfire Games have created the Humble Indie Bundle. If you're a PC or Mac gamer, this is a Godfather like offer you simply can't refuse. Wolfire Games if offering a bundle of 5 games which you can own for whatever donation you want to give. The retail value for the package is set at $80 dollars and includes the following titles: World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lagura HD and Penumbra.

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peeps2968d ago

got this tbh and enjoying the games so far. world of goo is really addictive. feel kinda bad since i didn't really contribute anything, but atm a bit tight for cash lol