Rock Band: Wireless Guitars cheaper on PS3

Remembering the recently leaked price memo, you may recall that the wireless 360 guitar was listed at $79.99 while the PS3 guitar was listed at $59.99. Some have speculated that the 360 discrepancy is the result of having to pay Microsoft to use its proprietary wireless technology.

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Bill Gates4027d ago

How else is Micro$haft goin to recoup the OVER ONE BILLION DOLLARS in warranty money they dropped..hahahhahha

Poor M$, they have yet to make a single dollar in their gaming division. They try so hard, but always fall flat on their FACE.


CNIVEK4027d ago

...and not just in price. :o

Just like every other peripheral MS has put their stamp on, the GH guitars are better quality. WalMart has the PS2 and 360 version out next to each other, and the difference in quality is easily noticable....just like the 360 controller beats the PS2 rehash SuxaxiS, hands down.

Bnet3434027d ago

I'll be getting the drums only, and Xbox 360 will have the better online mode. It's still worth it.

Daz4027d ago

Good news for ps3 fans if they like this kind of game.

carlman234027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

My PS3 controller cut out frequently (for ~5 seconds every hour or so of play). Sony told me that this was totally normal. I hope that the guitars don't do this too...

riqued4027d ago

Never had this problem playing RB6:V for hours, but I am on my 8th xbox 360 =(

I got a 3 years warranty, but every couple of weeks I have to exchange it for a new one, M$ says this is completely normal...

carlman234027d ago

This is a Sony vs. MS site isn't it? However, what Sony said was that the controller had to be periodically plugged back into the unit and the reset switch (under the right trigger) had to be held down for a few seconds or else, after extended play, the bluetooth firmware could start to cut out. It happened over and over while I was playing Oblivion.

See, the thing is, unlike the fanboys I'd like to 'air out' these issues so that Sony fixes them. It's a really common complaint (look around on internet forums). Here for example:

But hey, if all you want to do is go 'Teh 360 suxxors!!!' be my guest.