5 Things Bungie Should Fix in Halo: Reach

Wired: Bungie says that the Halo: Reach multiplayer work-in-progress released Monday is a real beta — that is, the gamemakers are looking for feedback from the millions of potential testers. Here’s mine.

As of Tuesday, the series’ most rabid fans have already racked up two million games and counting in the Xbox 360 beta, which is available this month to anyone who owns Halo 3: ODST. Bungie is using this massive test to make sure that the multiplayer for its upcoming Halo prequel has all the kinks ironed out. Every time players boot the game, a screen pops up asking them to share their thoughts with Bungie.

While I’ve found the beta to be a lot of fun, it’s still rough around the edges. Here are five things that I’d fix in time for Reach’s fall release.

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PS360_372993d ago

I definitely agree with the point about the grenades. When you have low health and full shields one grenade will kill you. It seems like it should only take down your shield, similar to a melee.

Mista T2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

grenades are too powerful and why the **** is there a rocket launcher, a beam, a grenade launcher looking thing, and a hammer, all on the same map? and the sticky grenade launcher shouldn't lock on to people, only vehicles.

It doesn't feel like Halo anymore. they should just ditch all the equipment like jetpacks, armor lock, cloaking, and just leave sprint from spawn, no loading out.

simplicity can often be the best choice.

hopefully Reach when it's isn't screwed up and unbalanced like MW2