IGN:Lost Planet 2 Review

As the follow-up to the critically liked and commercially successful Lost Planet, Lost Planet 2 seems to have everything going for it. Aimed at western audiences, the team at Capcom headed up by Keiji Inafune and Jun Takeuchi promised a return of the well received multiplayer mode from the original game, as well as some much-hyped four player co-op for the entire main campaign. Unfortunately, few lessons seem to have been learned from the original Lost Planet's problems. Instead, Lost Planet 2 offers online play that feels dated in 2010 and adds a host of new issues to the series without fixing what was wrong last time, leading to a game that is in many regards worse than its predecessor

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Homicide2878d ago

Doesn't surprise me. The controls are awful and feel very stiff, and the MP demo was pure crap. They shouldn't have released that demo.

Typical-Guy2878d ago

I knew this from the first exclusive demo. This game is just a failure after another. CAPCOM how do you feel now ?!!

Just bring Onimusha back, this way you'll gain some respect.

Simon_Brezhnev2878d ago

Well you know their going to fuck up Onimusha every existing franchise Scamcom brought to current gen consoles they messed it up. DMC4, SF4, and RE5. i want another Onimusha but i have no faith in scamcom.

-MD-2878d ago

I honestly hope this franchise stops here. I disliked the first Lost Planet and this game is getting terrible reviews.

MajestieBeast2878d ago

Wow i really didnt see this coming with all the hype.

StarScream4Ever2878d ago

Personally I never liked the first one, it had a good concept but the execution was terrible. The second should have been better but again the execution and controls are off-path. Too bad since there was a decent amount of hype.

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