Top 50 videogame series of all time

Today Guinness World Records released a list of the top 50 videogame series of all time. This list was comprised of over 13,000 votes by Guinness readers.

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Gun_Senshi2878d ago

I never saw such a bad list!

Guitar Hero? REALLY!?
World of Warcraft is one game. Its warcraft if you want series
Counter-Strike is not a series
Runescape? WTFBBQOMG
Little Big Planet? Again not a series
Bioshock? Even Director of Bioshock tells you that System Shock > Bioshock

I can go on showing that all the list is wrong. At least they did mention Zelda and MG on top 5.

kraze072876d ago

They should've found away to survey more than 13,000 gamers if they were putting this in the Guiness World Records. Especially considering the fact that there are millions of gamers out there.