Lair: Hands-on

Pro-G's Tom Orry: ".. the numerous levels I played point towards a very strong final product. I'm happy to report that this could be the most exciting game the PS3 sees this year."

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Bloodmask3966d ago

Factor 5 is a good developer. I have their Gamecube games. So I'm sure this will be a good title as well.

At first I thought the gameplay would be repetitive but there do seem to be a good variety of attacks.

boi3966d ago

well its safe to say im getting this 1

Mishmash193966d ago

why does the author keep saying "with a few months of polish" and "when it launches later this year"?? It comes out a month tomorrow on august 14.

dale13966d ago

its a no brainer buy it

Snake_Doctor3966d ago

Put the Demo up. I'm pretty sure many people had doubts on this one but it seems as though those are fading for me as I am hearing good news on the gameplay. I still want that demo today. XBL has been getting a lot of demo love for E3 and yes i'm a bit jealous.

BTW anybody with an 360 wanna rundown there thought on the recent demos?

TruthHurts3966d ago

i want the DEMOS now, maybe later today.

kevoncox3966d ago

Ace Combat 6 -
Great graphics. Some of the pre flight plan shots make this the GT of airplane games.

- Graphics high in the sky looks like it is fresh out of google maps
- Combat is exciting
- Ai is good
- Control feel solid
- Replay cam is cool
- Sense of speed need to be kicked up a bit
- Graphics extremely close to the ground are bad.
- Demo doesn't really tell a story.

Blue Dragon
- looks like a walking anime. Wow
- It's not another shooter
- Combat is more than just a turn based rpg.

- Cons
Demos of RPGs are confusin...You are dropped into an area with little idea of equipting, story, moves and statuses

- Graphis are imprved
- Hit stick 2.0 is great
- 60 FPS is perect
- Looks like the sports game of the year.

On long runs, Break away speed looks slowed. RUnners never really stride like in real life. They

- Controls have changed for defensive adustments
Y = DBs
A = Defensive playmaker

Snake_Doctor3966d ago

bubble given, thanks
I may be getting NCAA but I gotta hear how All Pro is first.

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