Wolfire programmer: poor PC ports, not piracy, hurt business

ARS: It's simple to say that piracy is a problem in the game industry, and particularly so in PC gaming. No extra hardware (like a mod chip) is required to pirate a PC game—just a fast Internet connection or a burnt disc. What isn't simple is finding out how many real-world sales are lost due to piracy (a problem that has bedeviled the content industries for some time). The question: if a pirate couldn't get his or her game for free, would he or she pay for it?

The head programmer at Wolfire Games goes by the name of David, and he has some thoughts on the matter. What follows is some heavy conjecture mixed with common sense, but it leads to a single conclusion: pirates may grab a large number of games, but lost sales due to piracy are much lower than everyone assumes.

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Saryk2847d ago

Very good article. And the point being that if a pirate were to download all the PC games available, they would only play a very small amount. While the person who is going to buy the PC game will only buy a few, but play them for along time.
I have always stated that the Pirate was all smoke and mirrors.

Gestalt2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I liked the article as well.

And to add on top of the argument, horrible ports with buggy controls and glitchy gameplay can kill the game just as easily as piracy can; just another one of many factors to consider, before devs start screaming piracy.