VideogameUK Hands-On: Skate 3 (Xbox 360)

From the preview:

"Demos are something the Skate franchise has done extremely well. The first game let you explore the Community Centre, a place so popular that they released it as DLC for Skate 2. While Skate 2 did not have the Community Centre, it had Slappys, a wonderfully well rounded park that had just about everything you could wish to skate.

Skate 3, however, has broke this tradition by giving you two connected open areas from the University district. The areas are good, featuring some interesting rails and one or two nice banks, but they are not as complete as the previous demo levels, and the screen fuzz and little warning that appears when you take the wrong turn only goes to make the demo feel small and constrained."

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corneliuscrust2998d ago

I still think it's a little too unrealistic. I'd love a "super hardcore mode" for people who actually know what they're doing. Hardcore is a breeze in the demo. Not much you cant land.