Hydrophobia Not intended to see life on Xbox Live Arcade

"Believe it or not, Hydrophobia was never intended to see life on Xbox Live Arcade. However, the platform became increasing convenient for the team as time passed. Rob Hewson explained it to XBLAFans like this."

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Redgehammer2968d ago

that arcade game has serious potential.

Cajun Chicken2968d ago

This should really be a retail title, far too large for a digital download in the console market.

madpuppy2968d ago

I was really interested in playing this game. I really like the Idea of realistic fluid dynamics in a game. maybe it will be released on PSN or retail for the PS3 eventually.

Leathersoup2968d ago

Hydrophobia is coming out on the PSN. Dontcha worry. It'll just take a bit more time.

Leathersoup2968d ago

To whoever is disagreeing with us. Stop being butt-hurt. Here's the quote from wikipedia that I used for my information source.

"Originally slated for release on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, the game has since been scheduled for release in episodic form on Xbox Live,[3][4] with a PC & PlayStation 3[5] version planned for later release."

madpuppy2968d ago

There are some people out there that are so hateful that they would want to deprive a fellow gamer of a good game just because we own or prefer a different console then they do. all you can feel is pity for the small-minded.

xino2968d ago

Wasn't this game the same game shown at E3?
The E3 version also called Hydrophonia unless I'm mistaken the name. Was a PC title, it takes place in a wrecked ship, it's meant to be scary and it's a FPS.

madpuppy2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Hypothermia or something like that and it was a Russian developed horror FPS, it takes place on a ship stuck in the ice of one of the poles.

I found what I was talking about, possibly