GTTV Exclusive Coverage Tomorrow

This week GTTV goes old school with Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption! Plus, Daniel Kayser steps into the Octagon to get a taste of UFC action and get an exclusive first look at gameplay of Enslaved!

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WildArmed2992d ago

I'm always up for more Red Dead info.
The game looks like it just may be the biggest multi-platform game this year.
Or the biggest sleeper hit lol

Gunner_Ali2992d ago

Cant wait red dead looks awesome and fist gameplay of enslaved looking forward to that bring it!

Kingdom Come2990d ago

Looks like next weeks exclusive's gonna be Bulletstorm, (see Cliffy B and Geoff's Twitter) if so, can't wait. GTTV are always great for their exclusives. Red Dead looks really good, not sure whether its a day one purchase for me though, congratulations on another great title Rockstar.