New TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Trademark Filed

Crytek UK - formerly Free Radical Design - have filed a new trademark for the 2005 hit TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.

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mjolliffe2852d ago

Sometimes, and I'm saying SOMETIMES; downloadable versions of older titles lead to new instalments.

So, if this was the case, I'd be very happy :)

sikbeta2852d ago

No Halo, No Killzone, No COD, This is The Best FPS of Last Gen

Time Splitter: Future Perfect is [Still] Awesome

SpaceSquirrel2852d ago

Hopefully it means a New TimeSplitters.

dardinkay2852d ago

That would be awesome if it were true.

Arkham2852d ago

I will buy any version of any game with the Timesplitters name. Bring 'em! ;)

Cajun Chicken2852d ago

What? Re-trademarking a game that's about 5 years old?

kevco332852d ago

Well, they already had a fourth game in development before they closed. Doesn't anyone remember the concept art featuring a nun?

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