Battlefield Bad Company 2 Patch Due Next Week

The next update for Battlefield: Bad Company 2's multiplayer game is due to land next week.

According to the changelog, a number of gameplay changes will be implemented including helicopter handling tweaks and the ability to launch countermeasures when piloting a chopper.

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thetamer2696d ago

This is by far the best FPS game out there.

Dioxinis2696d ago

Its Great dont get me wrong but to say its the best is a stretch considering it only encompasses one type of fps... there are other realms it doesn't really touch on

OT: great news more updates is moar betterer

Biggunz2696d ago

IMO the BF series is the best FPS to date!

gcolley2696d ago

definately the best series(along with the first BC). single player sucked badly compared to the first one but MP is where it's at. but i still do prefer BC1 overall for MP and SP. i miss the maps in the first one, i think they were better

Redrudy2696d ago

Have to agree now that I've played this and MW all the way through.

Dorjan2696d ago

has anyone noticed the lack of bubbles!

Maticus2696d ago

Really loving BBC2 right now, changes look good.

Fyzzu2696d ago

Wow. I wasn't expecting a patch to actually add in something major like countermeasures. Going to be interesting to see how that changes the flow of play, certainly...

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