PlayStation Future - Split/Second: Velocity Demo Impressions

Now we're sure any avid racing fans out there are currently, like us, in a dilemma. Three racers are out next month, Blur, ModNation Racers, and Split/Second - two of them releasing on the same day. With ModNation Racers taking the creative edge; Blur taking the 'real life' edge; and Split/Second taking the destructive side of things, which one do you choose? Now very few of you will have either the funds or the patience to buy all three in one go. So let PlayStation Future clarify things by sharing our thoughts on the first of the three racing newcomers, whether we find a winner, well, that's for you to decide.

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STEVIE_2879d ago

From the demo, it feels a bit like a mixture between Burnout and Ridge Racer, with the destructive twist. Decent game, but I wouldn't buy it over Burnout, especially with Burnout being so cheap at the moment with all of the add-ons.