Ubisoft to train a new generation of mothers

Ubisoft has announced a series of new games designed to appeal to girls aged 6-14.

The new Imagine series, as it's being called, will see games revolving around fashion designing, veterinary practices, figure skating and raising children and cooking.

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SuperSaiyan43874d ago

Thats what I think, not all girls want to go down that route, I think its completely stupid on Ubisofts part but oh wait its Ubisoft the ones with the glitchy and buggy games.

I wonder if the broom will float in the air and sweep the ceiling...

carlman233874d ago

I'm sorry but I'm worried at how this stuff will be presented. A 'child-raising' game could be fun (I guess), but I don't think it should be presented as 'child-raising training' targeted at girls. At that point it's just about putting girls in to predetermined societally acceptable roles.

Hey, but maybe they'll love it. And I think that companies should be able to release whatever they want... but it's still sad.