IncGamers: Tamte: Breach - "All Sorts Of Opportunities For Destruction"

Atomic Games boss, Peter Tamte, has told IncGamers that Breach was a response to partially salvage the damage caused after Konami famously dropped Six Days in Fallujah last year.

"Breach came about after Konami pulled out of Six Days in Fallujah, we had this technology which we had built over the previous few years that gave us all sorts of capabilities in military shooters that other engines just did not have."

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Dorjan2666d ago

err, I think I put that in the wrong place!

thetamer2666d ago

Great, I can't wait for this.

Redrudy2666d ago

Why the change in layout here?

Everything is much bigger like it's tailored for old people or people with attention problems.

Parapraxis2666d ago

hold "ctrl" scroll mouse wheel, voila.

Maticus2666d ago

Breach sounds amazing so far.

Fyzzu2666d ago

I'm still not sure on Breach. Graphically it looks like an Xbox game - and I don't mean 360 - but there are some lovely, lovely ideas in there. The ability to shoot out individual bricks, for instance. Gneh.