'I won't return for Resident Evil 6' - Resi 5 boss

Capcom's (in)famous Resident Evil 5 and Lost Planet 2 producer, Jun Takeuchi doesn't plan to return to the survival horror series any time soon, he's said.

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ISKREEM2999d ago

Good thing too, because Resident Evil 5 absolutely butchered the franchise.

WildArmed2999d ago

Yeah, I figured this would be candy to the eyes of RE-franchise fans.
I loved RE5, but the direction they took it in was pretty off.

Hopefully we'll see another great RE from Capcom.

[email protected]2999d ago

Good thing!

Bring back the old school RE please :)

myturbinsdrty2999d ago

So long to another hack. Please don't bring your less than brilliant ideas to any more preexisting franchises.

Transporter472999d ago

make resident evil scary again, not just make it action i will be happy

Tdmd2999d ago

Great news! Let someone else carry the torch! Maybe, in this way, the next Resident Evil game will be a Resident Evil game.

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