Gamespot: New PSP hands-on

Sony finally announced the long-rumored redesigned Sony PSP during its E3 2007 press conference. A recent patent update sparked speculation that the new PSP would have a swivel screen and mobile phone capabilities, but Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai revealed a more modest PSP redesign at E3. The new "enhanced-design" PSP is a smaller and slimmer version of the original, with a third less weight and about four-fifths the thickness. Sony plans to phase out the current PSP design and replace it with the new model by September.

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id dot entity3939d ago

Pretty amazing that they can put that much power in such a small device.

Mycococo3939d ago

whats really cool is the exclusive star wars battlefront game coming to the psp. whats really funny is that the rumor was that microsoft bought the rights to the franchise and they were having a new game for the 360. hahaha. didnt happen at all.

i will be buying the starwars psp....battlefront is kick arss

Kleptic3939d ago

yeah...the video output is definitely a plus for me...It drove me nuts that the first PSP could not do that (unless you used some crazy Nyko thing that looked like a shoebox and had horrid quality)...

and the PSP can do progressive scan also?...thats pretty nice...I actually may consider one of these towards christmas...I really want to play chains of olympus also...My cellphone uses those Memory Stick Duo cards anyway, so I have a few gigs extra I can use for it...

Bloodmask3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Another good thing about PSP now is that Sony is releasing a new download service to view movies on it.

Biphter3939d ago

And why wouldn't the original PSP be able to as well regardless? You make it sound like its a new feature that the old PSP wont have, when all you need is a PSP with the ability to connect to the internet. OH! thats all of them!

So if/when this new service appears it will work on all PSP's.

Still.. I would like to have a link of where you got that info, or did you just make it all up on assumptions?

Nigther3939d ago

It was very recently posted on this site and could be seen on the front page actually.

SuperSaiyan43939d ago

Today, I didn't really use it but might as well sell it now than get a lot less when the new one comes out.

I bet this new one costs more in the UK...Even though its only going to be around £105 in the US...

Ravenator5293939d ago

I'm just gald the big differences were made on the "size" of the unit and not so much the control aspect. If they would have put dual analogs on the new one, I would have been pretty ticked off.

The video output seems cool but I really don't need it. I have never viewed a UMD movie on my PSP nor will I probably ever do so.

I do agree with an earlier post that it is pretty amazing that all of that power can fit into a handheld unit.

Oh, another nice thing about the new one is that they moved the Wifi switch to the top of the PSP rather than on the side. I had to exchange my first PSP because the Wifi switch was so sensitive that the smalles "nudge" would disconnect me from the internet.

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