Silent Hill 2 Movie To Begin Filming This Spring

Resident Evil: Afterlife producer, Don Carmody causally announced the start date for filming of Silent Hill 2.

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AliTheBrit192999d ago

Sweet! I really liked the first one

bakagaijin782999d ago

Agreed, its one of my favorite games-to-film movies. They filmed the last one not far from where I live, I wonder if they are going to use the same location again.

2cents2999d ago

gotta agree with you. I loved the first film, probably one of the best game to film adaptations in my humble opinion.

p.s welcome back n4g!

BkaY2999d ago

like the first one... it wasn't great but as compare to other games to movie adaption it was really good..


-MD-2999d ago

Agreed. The first Silent Hill was a very solid film for being based on a video game.

-MD-2999d ago

Yeah the first one was really solid.

Johandevries2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

I didn't like the first one so much but it had some great moments.

-MD-2999d ago

Apparently my post lagged... didn't see the first one show up so I posted again. Oh well.

Pillage052999d ago

Agreed, I've been waiting on this announcement for a while :D

Hellsvacancy2999d ago

I liked it all the way up untill Cybil died, she was well hot

WhittO2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Ye I think the first silent hill was one of the only movies that actually felt like the game, the music/atmosphere etc was great.

Hoping the second film improves on the first (I thought the first film was a little confusing).

Edit: Nooo where are my bubbles!?!?! it took like years to build them up haha :((

bakagaijin782999d ago

Its OK, everyone is in the same boat with the bubbles. I gave you one just 'cause. :)

On topic: loved the soundtrack of the first movie too!

WhittO2997d ago

haha thanks :D bubbles to you too

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Dannagar2999d ago

I bought the original Silent Hill on DVD and have yet to watch it.

2cents2999d ago

watch it dude!

If you liked the game, you shouldnt be dissapointed.

Pyramid head is one scary [email protected]

Christopher2999d ago

I was given this move from my brother, who watched it, couldn't stand to keep it, and passed it on to me as a joke gift of sorts.

I thought it was mediocre, at best, for a movie.

GLoRyKnoT2999d ago

Silent Hill Rules! (what are they?)

Slient Knight 92999d ago

Silent hill is one of the best video game to movie i have see, can't wait for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.