Top 5 Game Releases of May

If you got the cash to burn, and the time to play, then the month of May is shaping up to be a fantastic month for gamers. Last month TNT Bazooka listed off all the games of April in our TNT Report; however, May is pretty jam packed, so instead TNT Bazooka brings you the top five games you should be eager to play.

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The_Count2968d ago

I will be picking up Red Dead Redemption for sure. I want to count all the details in tge enviroment.

Ah ah ah

Dreassic2968d ago

It better be a European site, because if theyre USA then they have forgotten one of the biggest releases: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Bgibbs2968d ago

He listened to you, it's on there now

eagle212968d ago

It's funny how the biggest game (and best rated so far) isn't even on that list. :)

B-Real2062968d ago

MNR, 3D Dot heroes, RDR what a month! Awesome

ThatArtGuy2968d ago

For me, May is a much bigger month than March. In March I just got God of War III. In May I'm getting the same three that you mentioned.

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The story is too old to be commented.