E3 Exclusive: EA Never Saying Never To A New Hardware Platform

Speaking with Gamasutra, EA's new executive vice president and general manager of North American publishing, Frank Gibeau, asked whether the company would ever partner to make a hardware platform again as it did with 3DO, answered with a surprisingly positive "never say never."

"I worked on (the 3DO)," began Gibeau, "and I'd never say never. I was a product manager on some of the titles, like Shockwave, and Road Rash, so I was part of that team, building the games, so I'm really familiar with what happened."

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ITR4022d ago

I wouldn't mind a new 3DO!
I wonder if NEC would get back into gaming? At least on the hardware side things.

Vojkan4022d ago

o please, they would fail so big. learn from Sega and make money on software

nomad1174022d ago

handle 4 consoles 3 is the perfect number to many would ruin it all

VaeVictus4022d ago

You can't forget the Phantom.


Salvadore4022d ago

With Phantom it counts 3.5 since it never released.

FordGTGuy4022d ago

in so many directions until the market crumbles under the weight. This is because there are only so many consumers with only so much money and if they are spread to thin then you won't have enough going to each of the brands to keep them stable and going.

Bloodmask4022d ago

are going with Phantom. You might as well count CD-i also. The epitomy of bad hardware.

One of my friends actually has 3DO....It was impressive for it's time.

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