Think PSP2 Will Feature 3D? Guess Again.

One of the biggest questions gamers will ask come E3 2010 is how both hardware and software developers will take advantage of 3D technology to create innovate new games. In the past monthwe learned that Nintendo, a company known for its advancements in motion controls in theWii and dual-screen touch with the DS, would soon be introducing a three-dimensional handheld system – theNintendo 3DS. And while reception to Nintendo foraying into the 3D space has been mostly positive, to this point much remains unknown. While the technology has gained steam with the introduction of more widespread 3D cinemain IMAX and Sony establishing a 3D television presence (see the recent deal Sony hammered out with ESPN to bring 3D sporting events to American living rooms), every emerging technology experiences its growing pains. 3D will be no exception.

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nightfallinicedearth2905d ago

The only way 3D will take off is if the price is right. Right now it just seems like it's a little too much. Even the movie tickets are a little much. I read somewhere that a 3D tv is only like $200-$300 more then a standard 1080p LCD tv. The lack of games/movies right about now is a little concerning too. I don't see a lot of people dishing out 3-4 grand just to watch avatar in 3D. But who knows, the 3DS might change all that it might make or break it. If it's done well, of course. Sony has the ps3 all ready for 3D I don't see why they wouldn't do the same with the psp.

Handhelds_FTW2904d ago

If I remember correctly there was an article asking a Sony representative if the PSP would feature 3D, shortly after the 3DS was announced. There answer was something along the lines that the PS3 would be Sony's primary system for 3D gaming.