The Greatest Playstation Exclusives of All Time

It's no secret we gaming types love to make lists, be it the annual Game of the Year Awards or a simple countdown of our most memorable video game characters. We reward the titles that stand out from our childhoods and recount our experiences with fellow gamers the same way a film critic would gawk about how they sat in awe the first time they watched Star Wars, or a food critic the moment he'd discovered something entirely new. Lists have become quite commonplace these days, but as copious and derivative as they may be, they are vital to expressing our homage to the games we hold near and dear. And well, until some genius comes along and creates the Video Game Hall of Fame (dibs!), another list will just have to do. Note: Titles of the same series will not appear twice per genre. So without further ado, I give you the Greatest Playstation Titles of All Time.

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BacteriaEP2939d ago

Nice to see some old games again, but I disagree with a couple of the choices. Like GTA3 was picked over GTA: San Andreas, which, in my opinion, was the best GTA ever released.