The Overseas Connection Podcast #62 - The Overseas Connection talks Halo Reach this week and gives you first hand impressions of the ongoing beta. Join Murphys Law and Chin Chinny as we Jet Pack over the breaking news of the week, new releases, community emails and discuss the future of the empty host seat and how you the listeners could get a chance to fill that chair.

Topics Covered this week:

*Can our industry continue to self regulate its ESRB and PEGI ratings without any kind of legal backing or enforcement?
*God of War continues on to the PSP.
*GameCrazy has had enough.
*Sony debuts its official protection plan for the PS3 and PSP
*Dragon Age Origins dishing up more DLC.
*Apple makes a big splash with the iPad.
*The Wii powers on to the tune of “5 million so far”.
*Top 10 U.K. Software titles for the week.

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