Best Buy opens PS3 Move retail division

PunchJump: Best Buy Co. Inc. stores this month opened a new online retail subdivision for Sony Corp.’s Playstation Move motion controller for the Playstation 3. now includes a full video that demonstrates the motion controller hardware. In addition, the division includes information about Move Controller, Navigation Controller, Playstation Eye Camera, and Move Titles.

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ReBurn2938d ago

Looks like the marketing machine is ramping up for Move. I really hope to see Sony back this with some marketing. At least more than they put into Playstation Eye when it released. I think Move is going to be big and Sony has a chance to really shine with it.

falcon07elensar2938d ago

It really depends on the type of games we see with Move ONLY. If Sony wants it to sell as good as the Wii, they have to offer it cheap and have stuff that is unique to PS3. I would think they would push this with their play create and share genre, the perfect mascots to associate with Move are Sackboy and the MNR guys.

himdeel2938d ago

...for SONY particularly given their past marketing practices for their products or lack of it. This let's me know that the "machine" is indeed gearing up for a big...Move lol

nefertis2938d ago

First it was the ps3 slim marketing features and now ps move, good advertising Sony and BB.