Joystiq: Impressions: RAGE

Kevin Kelly Writes:

RAGE is a gorgeous game. The Xbox 360 version of id's post-apocalyptic shooter, running at 60 frames per second, stunned at a recent Bethesda event, and removed any doubts as to whether the idTech 5 engine would hold up nearly three years after the game's unveiling.

RAGE's story starts in the near future: a giant asteroid is heading towards Earth, and rather than launch a team of wacky oil-rig drillers at the problem, the governments of the world convene and decide to put most of the population into suspended animation and bury them beneath the surface in giant Arks. Years later, you're revived as the sole survivor of your malfunctioning Ark.

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SKCShifty2999d ago

Nice to see RAGE running smoothly at 60FPS with mindblowing graphics on xbox 360 as it was shown only on xbox 360 playing just like Crysis was shown running only on xbox 360.

dkgshiz2998d ago

You said "Xbox 360" 3 times in the same sentence.

falcon07elensar2999d ago

With Fallout: New Vegas being released this year, my interest in this game has stayed non-existent. Borderlands didnt help it either because this game looks too much like it.