OXM UK: Halo: Reach - What's Your Verdict?

fter much hype, fanfare and fuss, the Halo: Reach beta has finally arrived.

Bungie's FPS had a few technical problems as everyone jumped on the servers at the same time, bringing proceedings to a grinding halt. Yet the problems have mostly cleared and dedicated fans have been able to get a taste of Halo: Reach.

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Shendow2997d ago

At start you couldn't even get in, but now that is fix, but people that are on that think they need lag kills or to cheat to win. Well I think Bungie needs to fix that an fix the lost of a host.

I hate when you are in a game an about to kill someone an it has to find a new host, some how some people end up facing me when it loads back up.

RELAX2997d ago

THE game is fun to play, but The grapic are not like the trailer

GenghisKhan2997d ago

gameplay is same old, same old

what's so special about this POS? why do so many nerds like this crap? nerds will be nerds.. failo. star wars, no girlfriends

EVILDEAD3602997d ago

By the time I made it took 2 and a half hours to get in..

3 quarters of my friends list were still attempting to get in as well..

But when we finally did..WOW..

Even a few days in..nothing compares to that first night..we cannot stop talking about it at fact we got a people scrambling for ODST just to try it..

I have not had that much pure fun since that first multiplayer game 3 years ago when Halo 3 dropped.

Even with the changes.Bungie didn't change so much that your true Halo skills wouldnt benefit the same in the beta..

Weve been laughing it up every night since..The new inter-game linking to friends list is amazing..I've gained like 5 friends a night and all are true Halo heads..

If you don't talk to get through CTF and some of the team modes then you get smoked by the teams that stick together..and you don't need to be the best to make a huge impact for your team..brilliant

The Customization is actually cooler than it read on paper..

They will keep adding more modes as the days go we still havent seen it all..but by releasing the beta..Bungie has solidified what we all knew from Day one..

Halo Reach is going to be one special game..


Shendow2997d ago

Already had it preorder an I got Halo Reach L. preorder, because you can't say no to a helmet on fire.

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